A Utah Adventure

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Yesterday I had a “Utah Adventure”. I did 50 miles in the morning on my road bike. But after that the “Utah” part of the adventure started. First it was a trip to Cabelas. That place has at least 2000 taxidermied animals, from elk to deer to moose to lions tigers and bears. There is a live fish aquarium, a shooting range and a grill where you can get meat from many of the types of animals on the walls. Oh, and there is also merchandise for sale.

After the Cabela’s store, it was off to a Utah Blaze game. Arena Footbal is like Nascar, Pro Wresting and Hockey all thrown together to create a strange breed of football. It was pretty fun to watch. Final score, NY 84 Utah 81. New York scored a touchdown on every possesion they had. Utah nearly matched that. For some of you Mid westerners you might remember Ohio State Alumn Joe Germaine. He is the starting QB for the Blaze.

Anyway, that was my Saturday. This coming week will be focused on getting ready to head to Tucson for the first real racing action of 2006. I am looking forward to that.

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