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Last night I did some nice intesity work on the stairmaster, followed by some weights. I saw a guy at the gym in a flesh colored speedo. Yeah. I hope to never see that again. Ever.

It was good, however, to get back to the gym and soak in the sensory overload of 15 TV’s, Music blasting, tons of people on treadmills, elipticals and other hampster machines. It breaks up the mundane basement walls that I have been looking at latley. I am pretty certain I have used up most, if not all of my indooor training reservers. Hopefulley this afternoon I can get out on a ride. I need to get my lights out and cycle them a bit to get them ready for Old Pueblo. So perhaps some night rides are in order.

Our Mad Dog Cycles Team sponsors are almost finalized. Local Businesses include:

  • Mad Dog Cycles
  • 4 Life Research
  • Summit Satellite
  • Stonehaven Dentistry
  • Signs By Tomorrow
  • Ishii Design
  • Sundance Resort

    Industry Sponsors Include:

  • PowerBar
  • Maxxis Tires
  • Tifosi
  • Trek

    Jeff Kerkove Posted today about using anti-oxidant drinks during racing and recovery. I have been using a drink called Riovida for the last year in my training. I have seen and felt the results of using this on a regular basis. There is some real merit to using this type of supplement. This year I plan on using it during events as well. Riovida is made by one of our 2006 Sponsors, 4Life Research. The best part about this drink? It tastes really good.

    If you’ve been following my blog for the last few weeks then you know I have been researching different hydration packs. Well I now have a Wingnut pack on its way to me. I am going to have the privelage of helping Scott at Wingnut test one of his new packs. It is being called the 3.0X for now, and it is a pack that is slightly bigger in volume than the current Hyper 3.0 model. I am very excited to try out this pack. A big thanks to Scott for including me in his testing process. When I recieve the pack, look for pictures and details here.


    1. Guitar Ted
      February 10, 2006

      Adam, I’m interested to read what you have to share once you get the Wingnut pack and have some time to use it. The concept makes alot of sense to me. I’ll be glad to see how you feel about it.

    2. Dicky
      February 10, 2006

      Bunch of wingnut having bastards.

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