Lights, Packs, Action!

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Two pieces of gear have been on my mind lately. Lights and Packs. Let’s start with lights. I have a nice NiteRider HID system that I use for 24 hour races. I have 2 batteries for this light, and during a race I simply alternate batteries each lap. One is cooking while the other is on my bike. It works fine. I have no complaints about this set up. Well, I have one complaint. My batteries are huge, heavy, and they take up a water bottle cage. But beyond that, this set up has worked very well.


I would love a long burning light that is bright enough for races such as the KTR or Trans Iowa. A light that is just bright enough to light the way, and yet burn all night long. Does such a light exist? In theory, and in advertisement, yes. There are a few that claim to fit this mold. The Exposure Lights Enduro claims to be “the endurance athletes dream come true.” Perhaps it is. The BLT Ozone 9INE is another LED that claims high output and long burn times.

In theory these look like quality lights. Perfect for long climbs, dirt roads, commuting, really they sound like they’d be perfect for anything that is not to technical. I suppose I am a bit skeptical however. Can a light as inexpensive and long lasting as these really be bright enough for safe and fast off-road riding? Are safe and fast oxymorons? So, that is one question on my mind. I would love to have one of these lights for rides that start early or end late (E100 anyone?). If you have any time with these lights, or similar ones, sound off, let me know what you think.

Allright, issue number 2. Packs.

I have posted here a few times debating which pack I should get. Nothing has really changed. The question is Wingnut or not. They look like nice packs. Well built, light, and nicely designed. The low rider system makes sense. The price on them is comparable to major brands. So why the hang-up? I just want to see one. Try it on, test it out. It’s all the same stuff I have been writing about the last little while. But if you are like me, then new gear purchases consume you. I spend a bit to much time surfing manufacturer’s websites, blogs, review sites, forums. I have yet to find anyone who did not like the Wingnut packs.

I suppose if I purchase a product that I do not like, there is always eBay


  1. Jason
    February 1, 2006

    Check the Mother Of All Batteries out
    Niterider MOAB. Swwwwwweeet. Check those burn times. Burn a hole in the pocket too.

    Check the link:


  2. Anonymous
    March 22, 2007

    I highly recommend one of the DIY LED projects that people have been working on. Achesalot on mtbr forums has a good one that I followed. I just built a triple LED light that:

    1)weighs half as much as an HID
    2)Has 700 lumens max output
    3)has twice the lumens/watt vs HID
    4)Is fully dimable
    5)10,000 hours of life vs. HID
    6)costs half as much
    7)fully configured beam pattern

    Plus, getting a Li-ion battery from is about %75 less than buying it from Niterider. I get 8 hours of light switching in-between bright (300lm) and brightest (700lm) with a 7oz battery.

  3. Anonymous
    March 22, 2007

    Oh, and it’s instant on too. No waiting for the bulb to warm up.

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