Glimpse of Spring

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So the last couple of days have been perfect. 60 degrees, no clouds, no wind. It made for a very nice 4.5 hour road ride yesterday. Forcast shows rain coming later in the week, so I need to enjoy this while I can. This week I should be recieving my new Maxxis Ignitor 29″ tires. I am excited to give them a go. I have read many many good reports on them.

Speaking of gear, I recently recieved a prototype Wingnut 3.0X pack. This pack is slightly larger than the current Hyper 3.0. I have only had limited opportunity to use it, but my initial impressions are that this is a very nice pack. It fits well, loads up nicely, and it rides light on my back. I am using a 3rd party 3.0L bladder, and it fits with plenty of room to spare. Something I really like about the pack, is that even with the bladder full the pack can be loaded easily. Unlike other packs where the bladder infringes on the storage space. The wingpockets are very handy. I love being able to access gear without taking the pack off, twisitng it around, or getting someone else to unzip and rummage for me.

In the near future I will be really putting the pack through its paces on some long mountain rides in Moab. I will get a more accurate picture of the full potential of the pack in those situations. A big thanks to Scott at Wingnut for the opportunity to test his pack.

Some other gear that has been on my mind, include:

Princeton Tec Corona
Nite Hawk Emitter
Garmin Forerunner 301

So many great pieces of gear….to bad money does not grow on trees.

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  1. Guitar Ted
    February 27, 2006

    Adam: I’d be interested to know if you think you can access gear while riding from the wing pockets. Thanks!

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