Old College Try

Posted by on Jan 15, 2006 in Uncategorized | No Comments

I went out today and rode what I call the “college loop”. Named such because I ride through the campus of both BYU and UVSC. There are many different routes, paths and versions of the loop. Today was a mostly flat recovery ride. I had scheduled to ride about 4 hours today, but I awoke sore and achey. I think I may have the fever that my kids have been fighting. These last few weeks we have had more sickness in our family than I can ever remember.

The warm winter continues here. The temps feel like March. I know that it will not last, and the cold will come, blast through us like wet paper and freeze everything over for weeks. I keep saying that. But it still hasn’t happened. I don’t even dare to hope that it won’t happen at all. As soon as that thought escapes, I will awake to -10 degrees and 4 feet of snow.

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