Lights, Packs, Action!

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Two pieces of gear have been on my mind lately. Lights and Packs. Let’s start with lights. I have a nice NiteRider HID system that I use for 24 hour races. I have 2 batteries for this light, and during a race I simply alternate batteries each lap. One is cooking while the other is […]

Adventures in Moab

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I had a nice weekend in Moab. I was not able to get down there in time for the Friday ride, but we made it through a nasty snowstorm on Highway 6 and were able to enjoy a great Saturday on the Sovereign Trail. The snowstorm had reached Moab, and left about an inch of […]

Moab in the Morning

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I am headed to Moab Friday morning. The plan is to get down there by lunchtime and get rolling somewhere. Not sure exactly where, but Poison Spider Mesa has been suggested. Then Friday night it is a Mad Dog team/employee/friends/anyone esle who wants to join us dinner at the Moab Brewery and Restaurant. Saturday we […]

The Pony Express

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I went out today and explored the Pony Express trail. I was pleased to find that the road, while still mostly snow covered, was easily rideable due to trucks that had packed all the snow down. I was less pleased to find that some sections of the trail were a gooey mess, and it wreaked […]

Old Skool.

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I spun for 1:10 on the trainer today. I was out of the saddle for about 45 minutes of that time. It was a nice sustained effort. Tomorrow I don’t have to work. Which means, if the weather cooperates, I am going to go explore the Pony Express Trail. I am not sure what I […]

Another New Look

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As you may be able to tell, I redesigned the site again. I wanted to mix it up for 2006. So I hope you like it. It seems that internet explorer is pushing my sidebar down to the bottom of the page. So I suggest using either Safari for you fellow Mac users, or Firefox […]

Frozen in Time

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Yesterday I did my first race of the season. The Frozen in Time bike…er…make that hike race. The course was 95% unridable. Which meant that we ran next to our bikes through powdery snow. I suffered through 3 laps. I think I finished dead last. It was amusing to see people trudging through snow while […]

Catch Up

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So…I have been a slacker the past couple days when it comes to blogging. The winter storm that I posted about arrived, and dumped a bunch of snow on us. So I have been doing more indoor workouts this week. Lately I have been aching to get out on a good solid epic ride. 5-6 […]

Winter Storm Warning

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Well…it would appear that winter is back from its vacation. Or at least it is getting ready to make its return. There is a winter storm warning tonight, and if you look out my window toward the Northeast there are thick white clouds gathering. I would not be surprised to wake up to a snowy […]

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