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I have been taking it easy the last day or 2. The body has been crying out for rest, so that is what it is getting. I am nearly over this cold, which will be nice. I hate colds. I think with all the peple in the gym using the same equipment it is a breeding ground for germs and filth. Clean your machine!

With the recent snowfall, and the sickness, I am starting to feel the winter blahs. I start day dreaming of hot summer days, races, night rides….ah well the winter has its own charms. I should be able to get out for some XC skiing soon. I am thinking of Sundance or Soldier Hollow this weekend. I need to find out if they are up and running.

The Mad Dog team meeting is coming up soon. Those are a chance to get everyone on the same page for 2006, see people I havn’t seen since Moab, and lock down our goals, sponsors, etc. Kieth does a good job keeping a 30 man team running smooth.

If I don’t ski this weekend, anyone up for a ride? I am thinking of heading out onto the unplowed back streets with the 29er. Might be sort of fun? Lemme know if you are up for it.

That is all. Thanks for reading.

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