Time Again

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The living room is full of unwrapped toys, the kids are no longer restless with anticipation, my taste for sweets has diminished, my legs are recently shaved, I am registered for a race, and 2006 is knocking at the door. It must mean only one thing. The race season is fast approaching.

We had a good Christmas. The kids had a great time opening presents. We spent time with friends and family, and over the break I actually got to go see two, yes two movies. With three kids it is a rare occasion to get to the theater anymore. I gained 47 pounds over the weekend…OK, so that is not true. But after a few days of not working out, I feel fat and sluggish. I am really looking forward to getting back into the rythm of training.

Slight change of plans for Old Pueblo. Insteadof a 4 man team, we are fielding a 5 Person Coed team. Should be a good time. I had thought about going solo for this race, but the idea of riding on a team was a good one. I think the race will be a nice early season indicator to see if my winter stair master and weight time has paid off.

It is also time to start doing some real planning for what races I will attend in 2006. I would like to try some new/different races this coming year. Iftime and funds allow I may try and do a bit more traveling, if not, then the local scene has plenty of great rides to offer.

Allright, I am out. Happy training, and yes, today you should feel guilty eating that cookie or drinking that egg nog 😀

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