More Snow Riding

Posted by on Dec 14, 2005 in Uncategorized | No Comments

I went out this morning and rode some familiar trails, but this time they were covered in snow. The snow was a lot softer than it was on Saturday, and so that made for more difficult riding. Several times I was forced to hike through sections. The North facing slopes were still pretty firm, and much easier to ride.

It was a pretty blah day outside. A typical wintery grey day. We need a nice storm to get rid of the gross soupy inversion. From up on the hill, looking down into the valley I could see a thick haze just hovering over the city. Not real ideal conditions for outside excersize. I guess the inversion is a down side to living in the mountains. They trap all that dirty air in, and only a nice windy storm seems to get rid of it.

This hill can be a tough climb in the summer. Today I had to hike it for a bit, but I was able to ride most of it.

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