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I did 90 mins on the stair master Monday night. Felt pretty good. Woke up feeling like crap. Stuffy nose and ears. My kids have been a little sick the last day or two. I must have got what they had. Scheduled for today is weights, so I should be ok to go through the routine. It is snowing out today. High is supposed to be 24 degrees.

Monday nights at the gym are the anti-thesis of the weekends. Every cardio machine was being used when I walked in. Both stairmasters were occupied. I was nearly ready to tell the mananger that someone was on my machine, but just then one freed up. Because the stairmaster is elevated, I can see the goings on in the whole gym. It makes for entertaining observation at times. There is the guy who spends 5 minutes trying to figure out the computers on the treadmill, then finally gives up and walks away, there is the dude doing curls in front of the mirror, just staring at his bulging biceps, there are the chatters, usually girls who just stand around in the weight area and talk….and talk….and talk. I am also seeing a new breed of gym goer. Well maybe they are not new. I think the cold weather is exposing them. These are the what I call “the tuffies”. These are usually High Schoolers that work out in tank tops that are to small, long running pants (sometimes jeans also) and snow hats. Stocking caps, touques, whatever you want to call them. They wear a lot of jewelry and they ONLY do bench press and arm curls. In front of the mirror if at all possible. I like the tuffies. They are good entertainment to help those minutes tick by on the stairs.

And finally, on a totally random note….you must see this blog! You may have got a taste of these guys when Nick Martin posted a link. Well now the whole collection is up and running. Enjoy.

As you can see, the snow fell and fell today.

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