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The gym was pretty empty. Must be Friday.

So yesterday I asked about your favorite foods. Here are some of mine:

Whole Wheat cereal
Oatmeal w/ honey

Sandwiches (Turkey topping the list)
Soup (I love soup…all kinds of soup, I get hungry watching The Soup Nazi Seinfeld)

Grilled Chicken

These are just a few of my favorites. I also have foods that I love, but I know I should never eat. Does that stop me? No. I am a sucker for Burgers. I love them. Fast food burgers are death. Fries are super death. I don’t eat’em often, but I get weak sometimes. I feel guilty eating them, and almost without fail feel like I have a brick sitting in my gut afterwards. I try to always remember that brick when I get the temptation 😀

The high tomorrow is supposed to be 34 degrees. Ouch. If it is dry I think I will brave the cold. If it is wet, forget it. I will hit the trainer or the gym I guess. Let’s just hope it is dry. I can handle the dry cold. There is serious talk of heading down to AZ for the Old Pueblo race. I will most likely ride as part of a team, but there is a chance of going solo. Details will be forthcoming.

Hopefully the weather is cooperative where you live, and you get some good weekend miles in.

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