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I daydream when I workout. I put myself in an upcoming race, a past race or sometimes some unkown future race. The terrain is usually vague, I am tired, the sun is going down, or maybe it is coming up. I might be leading the race, or chasing the leader. Inevitably I come back to reality and realize I still have 45 more minutes of stair master grinding, or more reps on the weights, or still yet many more weeks until those daydreams become reality.

I kicked my own butt today on the weights. I am going to be feeling this one for a few more days to come. But it felt good to push hard. My abs almost bursting or my calves nearly collapsing under me were good signs. The pain hurts. But it is pain that will be revisitid at 4 AM on some future morning. A ghost in the dark will be chasing from behind, while another faceless ghost speeds on ahead. It is pain that melts away with the rising sun, that wonderful sun that during the night, you convinced yourself would never rise again. Pain hurts, but it never enough to stop you from coming back for more.

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