Happy New Year

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2005 is one and done. It was a good year. There were good races, there were bad races. But all of them were great times. I finally got serious about keeping up a ride journal (this blog) and I thank you all for taking time to read it, leave comments, and link to it. It […]

Round and Round

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There has been some discussion latley about the different types of endurance racing. Some claim that the epic point to point races, such as Trans Iowa, or the Great Divide Race are the premier type of endurance events. Others claim that traditional 24 hour races (ha! I bet you never thought we’d be talking about […]

Heavy Duty

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Today I beat myself up pretty well on the weights. Nothing really to interesting about that, except the unusually high number of hot chicks at the gym today. I need to go in the middle of the day more often. In case you were wondering where I will be at 3AM on May 13th, 2006, […]

Hit the Road

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Got 3 hours on the road bike today. It was a sunny warm day, that felt more like March than December. I am sure we are not done with Winter by any means, but these warm days in December are nice bonuses.

Time Again

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The living room is full of unwrapped toys, the kids are no longer restless with anticipation, my taste for sweets has diminished, my legs are recently shaved, I am registered for a race, and 2006 is knocking at the door. It must mean only one thing. The race season is fast approaching. We had a […]

Merry Christmas

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Have a great day and a Merry Christmas! Don’t feel guilty about eating those cookies, or drinking that egg nog. I know I won’t 😀


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The Vegas trip was fun. The Bowl game didn’t turn out how I had hoped, but it was still a good time with family and friends. Speaking of…I hope this weekend you are able to enjoy your friends and family in what ever Christmas traditions you may have. I know without my family’s support the […]

Easy Does It

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This week I have been taking it easy. I am leaving today for Las Vegas, to watch the Las Vegas Bowl. Old Pueblo is official. I’ll be racing on a 4 man team. That is it. Not much happening as far as riding goes right now. Monday after Christmas everything will rev up again. Hope […]

Post 100

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Today is my 100th post on this blog. I am to tired to really write much though. After the last 2 days of tough workouts I am moving like a little old granny. Today I went out with Chris and KC and had a great time climbing Sqaw Peak Road. It took more than twice […]

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