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Pretty run of the mill day today. Work is busy, the weather is cold, and my mountain bike cries silently each day it hangs in the garage. I think the other day as I came home from the gym, I heard it say under it’s breath something about how “those stairmasters will never love you in the morning.”

It is days like today that make me long for the long hot days of July. Waking up before sunrise, hitting the trail while the crisp mountain air still bites at your lungs, and setting off on a 6 hour epic…yeah, those are the days that keep me coming back to the stairmaster and the weights. People think I am crazy to ride my bike for long periods of time. In truth, I’d go crazy if I didn’t have the chance to do it. Once I got over the intimidation factor a long ride has, I became strangley addicted to the “thrill” of going big. Itis not a roller coaster type thrill. It is a slow drip, a high that takes all day to achieve. Even bad days are good days when you can describe the ride as epic. Going all day takes the mind and body to new places, new heights, and new beginnings. Every long ride ends with a renewed sense of accomplishment.

Yeah, the recent cold, and the snowfilled mountains have awoken a craving for a good long ride. Alas, it will have to wait. Hopefully a trip to St. George, or Moab, or both is on the horizon. I think I will try and imitate Nick Martin and Co. and head out on the Moab White Rim trail this winter. 100+ miles of pure self supported satisfaction.

Make sure and visit G-Ted’s best of ’05 nominated blog. Grats Guitar Ted, keep up the great write-ups!

And remember…the winter only lasts so long. Before we know the guns will be going off again, sounding the beginning to another epic filled race season. Until then, happy stairmasters!

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