Thanksgiving Point

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I woke up sore this morning. Sore from what you ask? The annual Turkey Bowl. No worries, it was all worth it. The only pass I threw went for a TD, so I have the best QB rating pretty much ever.

We hit the Thanksgiving Point mountain bike trail today. It is a new trail, and has a total of about 100 feet of climbing over 10 miles. The 10 miles are jammed packed into about a 3 mile area. I don’t think at any point during the ride Iw as more than 1/2 mile away from the car. The trail winds you trhough a few fields. You pretty much just weave your way around and around. It will be a very interesting race I think next summer. The pace is going to be insane.

11 riders showed up for the ride. Most were from Revolution, the same guys who knocked Mad Dog off the top of the overall team podium in last year’s Intermountain Cup. I guess it is OK to ride with them though…. 😀 Thanks to Bob for organizing the ride. We had a good time, and surprisingly only took out 1 Christmas decoration. The course had some big snowmen and candy canes and other stuff set up near it, and one of the riders clipped the wire (hey, WE didn’t set it up ACROSS the trail) and brought down the hapless snowman.

Most bailed after 1 lap, but I slugged out 3 on the twisty course. Honestly, the terrain doesn’t change. You just go around and round in big S curves through a couple big fields. Picture a corn maze, but take away the corn and you have this course. I had planned on having the camera, but my wife took it to her aunts, so no pics. However I just saw that Bob has some at his blog. See? I told you it was flat

All in all it was a nice base ride. 3 hours, 30 miles. 1 downed light-up snowman.

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