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I have had this DVD for a couple of years but have neglected it for a while now. I am going to crack it open and start doing the cycling specific workouts. This off-season I want to really try a variety of workouts to keep things interesting. I am looking forward to the snow falling for real, so I can hit up Sundance, Soldier Hollow, and Park City’s XC ski trails.

I want to do one of these I wonder if BYU or UVSC has excersice science students who can perform these at the school labs?? Something to look into I guess. I usually do the test that my HR monitor will do, but I question how accurate it is. I think it does pretty well, but getting solid numbers would be interesting. Anyone ever done one of these tests?

I have a new link today. Check out the blog of one of Utah’s fastest racers, Bob Saffell.

According to mapstats I have had visitors from Spain, Japan, Grenada, India and Australia this week. People have also visited from such exotic locations as Washington, Iowa, and Pennsylvania. Thanks for reading ( I assume you are reading?? ) and I hope you enjoy the site.

Does anyone else notice that they are the only non-bodybuilder types at the gym with shaved legs? I wonder if the real bodybuilders think I am a wannabe one of them? If that were true Ahhnold, would I really be using the leg press? Yeah.

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