Post T-Day Ride

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Bob Saffell is putting together an after Thanksgiving Day ride. Since St. George is a no-go for me, this will be perfect. The ride will take place at (fittingly) Thanksgiving Point. Next summer there will be a new Intermountain Cup Race at this course. It is a 10 mile loop that has a total of 100 feet of elevation gain per lap. So yeah…it is not going to be known as a “climbers course”. Instead it is going to be a lung bursting, eye watering, leg burning sprint. Hmmm. Sounds fun?

Anyway, the course is new, and need riders rolling over it. Friday at Noon is the time, and T-point the place. I don’t know anyone that has ridden this new course yet, but dierctions can be found can be found here. Be there or be square.

It should be a good ride, nothing compared to this epic ride, but nonetheless, Friday will be epic in its own right. Yeah.

Allright, I’m out for tonight.

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