More Gym Time

Posted by on Nov 4, 2005 in Uncategorized | No Comments

Hit up the gym again today. I am getting the hang of the stairmaster. I was able to do nearly the whole workout while watching the TV instead of looking up at the TV and stumbling. Yeah. Anyway, the workout went well. I was sore, but loosened up and felt very good by the time I hit the weights.

There are several occasion when I feel a little silly at the gym, but none more so than when I can’t figure out how to adjust a certain machine. I’m poking levers, lifting things that need to be pushed, looking under benches…man I hope nobody is looking at me. It’s like when I forget where I parked, and end up wandering around the parking lot. C’mon I know you have done that! If the weather holds out for Saturday I wil get a long ride in. On the dirt would be great, but I will settle for the road as well. I just want to get some more outside time.

Allright, I am outs.

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