Just Call Me 4 Eyes

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I went to the eye doctor today to finally get to the bottom of why my right eye is always blurry. I have an astygmatism… So I placed an order for a pair of glasses. I wanted the replica Napoleon Dynamite Limited Edition frames, but alas, there were sold out. so I opted for some other pair. Have you ever had your corneas measured? Man, what a nightmare. When I get them in a week I suppose I could model them for you here on the site. I am sure you would love to see that.

I hit the stair master again this evening. I am starting to really like that thing. I think it likes me as well. It is almost a certainty that nobody is going to be on that thing. It just sits in the back of the cardio area and watches all the other people on those “eliptical” machines. Do those things even DO ANYTHING?? I tried one once. No matter what I did, I could not break a sweat. It’s like you get your momentum going and then the thing just does the rest for you. I suppose they are perfect for those type of gym goers that The Soiled Chamois likes to call the “no resulters”.

I took a page out of Jeff’s book and have started adding gel to my oatmeal. I like it. I think I may use up all the free Honey Stingers I got from the 24 Hours of Soldier Hollow in the next few days worth of oatmeal and peanut butter and honey stinger sandwhiches. I think I may also start making the strange burrito thingy I found the recipe for in a Bicycling mag a few years back. You take a tortilla, spread vanilla yogurt over it, add peanut butter, honey and cinnamon. Roll it up and enjoy. It sounds a little off, but it tastes good.

Tiny white cold flakes started falling from the sky today. A nice Northerly has been blowing pretty strong the last few days. Maybe Winter is ready to show itself? I guess we will see. No matter, no sort of weather can prevent the annual Turkey bowl from hapenning on Thanksgiving Day. Oh..and speaking of TDay, it looks like we are headed down to St. George, or perhaps Moab, but most likely SG for a weekend of mountain riding. So if you are up for it, come and join us.

Allright, that is all for tonight.

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