Home Again

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I got home yesterday, but didn’t do squat about it. No workout today either. So this week was a bust as far as training goes. I guess it’s OK to have a bust week in November though. The premier went well, lots of important people showed up. 2 Senators, 4 or 5 foreign ambassodors, and lots of peole with tons of money.

Tomorrow a few of us from the Mad Dog team are planning a long ride. Possibly a full centurey, but more than likely it will be 60-80 miles. I hope the weather holds out. Next week I will turn up the cardio segment of my gym workouts a bit. And I am just going to have to bite the bullet and pull the bike into the basement and get in some real trainer time.

I want to do a stage race in 2006. The problem with that, is it is hard for me to take 2 weeks off from life. They are also really pricey. Maybe I will organize a 3 day “Trans-Wasatch” or something. There would be plenty of great route options. Anyone going to Old Pueblo in February? I may be there. Might ride on a team, or I may go solo. I need to talk to some teamates who are interested in going down.

I got my shopping done for my next 24 hour event….ok actually this is food for 150 72 hour kits that my wife is putting together at the church

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