Bring On 2006!

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I officially began my ’06 training plan. 30 mins of cardio at the gym followed up by a 6 station weight workout. I feel pretty good right now. I don’t particularly like going to the gym, but it beats sitting at home watching bad TV. Working out is just not one of those things that is meant to be done indoors. Sort of like BBQing I guess. Not to worry. This winter I am planning at least 2 trips for MTB rides down in St. George, and also at least 1 Moab trip. There is also a chance that I will head to the Old Pueblo 24 hour race in February. Not sure if I will do it solo or not. There is talk of putting together a Mad Dog team. Anyway, bring on the gym, the trainer, the swimming, and when the snow flies, the XC skiing.

Some of my basic goals for 2006 include:

Keep a well organized and accurate training log.
Avoid injury and sickness with proper warm-up, recovery and planning.
Keep focused during the long winter, but also don’t get so wrapped up that by March I hate the thought of training and or racing.
Ride more races.
Develop and implement a nutrition plan that works well during long events.
And as always…Have fun! That is why we did it in the first place right?

alright, that is it for now. Tomorrow if the weather is good I will spin outside. If not, then it is back in the basement on the trainer.

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