You are what you eat.

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Hit the stairs for 30 intense minutes tonight. Feels good. So, what do you guys eat? What are your favorite breakfasts, lunches, dinners? It seems like during the winter it is easy to just pack on the comfort foods. In the summer a bigplate of pasta always does the trick, but it becomes overkill in […]


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Pretty run of the mill day today. Work is busy, the weather is cold, and my mountain bike cries silently each day it hangs in the garage. I think the other day as I came home from the gym, I heard it say under it’s breath something about how “those stairmasters will never love you […]

Back to It.

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I hit the stair master yet again today. 90 minutes up and up and up without ever getting higher. Felt good to be back in the rythm after the Holiday weekend.So now I am just enjoying some of my Grandma’s homemade vegetable and barley soup. Yum. 2006 is on my mind. I have been making […]

Thanksgiving Point

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I woke up sore this morning. Sore from what you ask? The annual Turkey Bowl. No worries, it was all worth it. The only pass I threw went for a TD, so I have the best QB rating pretty much ever. We hit the Thanksgiving Point mountain bike trail today. It is a new trail, […]

Post T-Day Ride

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Bob Saffell is putting together an after Thanksgiving Day ride. Since St. George is a no-go for me, this will be perfect. The ride will take place at (fittingly) Thanksgiving Point. Next summer there will be a new Intermountain Cup Race at this course. It is a 10 mile loop that has a total of […]

Yep. More Gym Time.

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Same routine as usual at the gym. Upped the time on the stair master, but other than that, same old thing. Not that that is a bad thing. I enjoy the workouts, and I can feel the difference from where I am normally at around this time of year. I got my glasses today. Spent […]

Long Day

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The day started early, and ended badly with yet another BYU loss to Utah….GRRRR… My HalosScan comments have vanished. Not sure why. Hmmm any ideas? Just post them in the comme—oh wait. Email me if you have any ideas on why HaloScan would go away for no real reason. EDIT..the comments came back. Go figure. […]

Evening Ride

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I skipped out on the gym tonight in favor of hitting some dirt. Yep, finally got some time to get back out on the trails. The weather has been nice, not to cold, and no snow….yet. I hit up “old reliable” the trail I can always count on being close and not that boring. It […]

The First ride

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I was thinking about the first time I went “mountain biking.” I was probably 13 or so. I took my dad’s bike, a 22 inch Peugeot (he still has it), up into the foothils above our house. The bike dwarfed me. I rode around on some of the dirt roads for a few minutes, then […]

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