The Ridge Trail

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Today we returned to the Ridge Trail. It was in fantastic shape. There were a lot of people up there, including a guy riding in jean shorts, a knit sweater, no helmet,and a child carrier on the back of his bike. It was not occupied by a child, but rather a lunchbox. But, hey…he was out riding right? Just might be a little easier to go up the hill without the baby seat next time. Actually saw a few guys without helmets. I don’t get it. These are rocky, rooty, trails that send the best of them into the dirt on occasion. Don’t people know that hitting a rock with your head is a bad idea?

Anyway, we had a great ride up there this morning. Everytime I ride up there I am reminded how those were the trails that got me hooked to mountain biking. When I was new to the sport (I still used a helmet) a friend of mine took me up there, and I was sold.

It is 2 weeks until Moab. Right now it is all systems go. The legs are feeling very light and snappy and the bike is riding well. Over the next 2 weeks I will continue to dial in my race strategy and goals. The field is filling up with some big names. Nat Ross, Cameron Chambers, Sloane Anderson…it is going to be a competitive race. I am still new to this type of racing, so I am not sure I can hang with those guys yet. But it won’t be for lack of trying to.

Last night was good times at the Mad Dog Cycles Team party. We rode up at South Fork, BBQ’d, then raffled off a bunch of swag from our sponsors. Thanks Keith for another great season! And thanks to our great sponsors this year. We appreciate the support and look forward to next year!

Sundance Ski Resort below us
Cruising through the ferns
Now you see why it is called “The Ridge Trail”

Some of the incredible single track on The Ridge
Mike grillin’ em to order at the party

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