Outside Again

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It was only 2 days on the trainer, but it felt really good to get out in the cool air tonight. I went with Keith up South Fork Canyon.I don’t think I’ve ridden the road bike since I got my X-Cal, so it was a nice change of pace tonight. South Fork canyon road was recently re-paved, so the riding was smooth and fast. No more pot holes, gravel fields, cracks, and general obstacles that use to fill the road. The temperature was perfect for the climb up the 4 mile road. It is a gradual climb, with a couple sections of recovery, which makes it a great hill to hammer up. I opened it up and rode just under my threshold. With the cold mountain air and the springy feeling in my legs, I have to say that it felt great. There is something very refreshing about climbing when the temps are cold.

I got an iPod Shuffle today. I have been wanting to incorporate music into my endurance races, and I thought that this little thingy would be perfect for riding. Turns out it is. I rode tonight with it, and it just hangs around my neck and doesn’t ever take the time to remind me that it is there. I am looking forward to assembling a playlist for Moab. I am not sure what will be on there, but I do know that Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” is going to lead things off.

I added another link today. Check out the blog of Solo Goat. This guy is a faaaaasst endurance racer, finishing on the podium in several events this year.

There are a few events happening this weekend. a 24HOA event in Georgia (Good Luck to anyone riding there) and also the 24 Hour race in Japan that Jeff Kerkove is riding in. Next weekend is the 24 Hours of Moab. So though it is late in the season, there are still a few great events going on.

Allright, that’s it for now. Time for ZZZ’s.

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