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Sorry for the lack of updates. Not much has been happening though. I got back out on the road bike yesterday for an easy spin. It felt great to be back in the saddle. My legs seemed to be saying “thank you thank you!”. I wil be starting to hit the gym soon. I want to have a really quality off-season. I would like to get in some very effective gym hours, as well as some good trainer/outdoor bike time. It has been a couple seasons since I was really reay to go in April/May. I don’t want to spene all summer next year getting into shape.

Soemthing else I would like to improve upon is my in race nutrition. I thought I had a good system going, but I think it can be better. I didn’t enjoy puking at Moab, so I want to take measures to help that not happen again. As I do more research I will post what I find. Of course the most important thing is finding what works for you. The system I have is not bad, and I don’t plan on scrapping the whole thing. I just want to make small tweaks and improvments that will keep my better fueled during a long race.

The weather has been cray warm the last few days. Which means the trails are still in primo condition. I’d like to try and get out on the mountain bike a couple times this week. With many gym and trainer nights ahead, I want to take advantage of any outside riding I can.

Allright, that is all for now. I still have more Moab stuff to post, as well as my 2005 season recap. So look for those this week.

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