A lot of "what ifs"….

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…are going through my head right now. Mainly, what would have happened if I hadn’t had my stomach rebel on me in a most violent manner. Everything was going to plan for the first 9 hours. Then at 9:30 while I was out on lap number 6 the puking started. It got ugly after that. Eventually I called it a night when everything I did to try and revers the discomfort failed. I hit the course again at sunrise and put in 3 sub 2 hour laps to finish with 9 laps. I am trying to see positive things from all of this. But right now I am more disapointed at what may have been. But of course, that is what 24 hour racing is right? It is an incredible adventure that taxes every aspect of the human mind and body. One thing that panned out as I expected, was just how competitive this race turned out. Anthony Colby, a first time soloist dropped the hurt on the field doing an insane 18 laps. Nat Ross and David Harris rounded out the podium.

In the next day or two I will get a full race report up, with pictures and details about how the whole thing unfolded.

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