Lance Can’t get a Break

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The Tour de France director just keeps taking shots at Lance Armstrong. I don’t understand why. Lance put the Tour on the map in the United States. When something is popular in the states it is going to generate a lot of revenue. There is no denying that Lance ‘s influence has made the tour a major sporting event on American TV, in American magazines and papers, and in American minds. The director of the Tour should be thrilled that his event has helped spread the great sport of cycling in a country that has ignored cycling and its races and stars for years.

Anyway, it is just annoying when race promoters and directors belittle and ignore the people who make them relevant. We see it on every level, from grassroots races to the Tour de France. I see nothing for LeBlanc to gain from playing down what Lance did over the last 7 years. Yes, it will be nice to see a new face in yellow next year. I am excited about the post-Lance era of the Tour. There are many riders who could fill the void. If I were a marketer for the Tour that is what I would be touting. I would try and build a lot of hype about the the next great someone. But I am not that guy. I just have a blog on the web.

OK, enough of that. The rain has hit this week. A lot of it yesterday and today. It is supposed to continue through the weekend. Lucky for me indoor training is indoors. I have my weight plan pretty nailed down. I need to formulate the cardio aspect of it and then starting Nov. 1 it is 2006. At least the beginning of the 2006 off season training schedule.

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