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At long last the Moab week has arrived. It is a little strange having the race you look forward to the most be so late in the season. Especially this year. I have done a total of 6 races this year. That is including the ICS XC races I did. So…yeah, it has been a long summer of training. But no matter now. The 24 Hours of Moab cometh. The solo field is stacked with some big names. I will post what I kow about them later in the week. This should go down as one of the more competitive 24HofMoab races.

But I am getting a head of myself. I gotta a ton of stuff to do before I leave Friday morning. Let’s see I gotta….

-Get the bike mounts put on my dad’s pickup.
-Gather all my cold weather gear and organize it.
-Hit up the Wal-Mart for all my food needs.
-Hit up Kieth for some of our Powerbar goodies.
-Get the bike into the the shop for a quickie tune-up.
-Make sure my sister’s Sugar 3 is good to go as a backup bike.
-Finish putting together my Shuffle playlist.

And I am sure there are other things I am forgetting.

On a somewhat related note, grats to Jeff Kerkove on his 24 Hour victory in Japan. Head over to his blog to read up on the details. Also Grats to Solo Goat Enesto Marenchin for his win in GA this past weekend.

I realized an important bit of info today. I am Nat Ross’s X-Factor. Everytime he and I have been on a start line together, he has won the race. OK, so it has only happened twice, but still he’s 2 for 2. So that should bode well for him this weekend as he defens his title in Moab. But I am sure others would say otherwise. 😀

Allright, it is late and I need some sleep. Laters.

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