Coming Back to Life

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I am starting to resemble my normal self again. The swelling in my legs has gone down, the soreness in my muscles is leaving, and I am not constantly hungry. I have been thinking a lot about the race, and am seeing more and more good things that I was able to pull off. Something that I am pleased with, is the way I was able to play the mental game. In previous 24 Hour races I usually get a little freaked out as the sun starts to drop. But at Moab I was excited. I was mentally ready for the night, and was looking forward to riding it. So that is a victory.

Usually this is the period of the year where the bikes sit on the racks in the garage. This year is no different. It is a nice physical and mental break. A time to regroup, re-evaluate, and start planning for next season. 2006 looks to be a great year. There are so many events that I want to to try. My schedule will be dictated by time and money however. The races that are most easily attended, and most afordable will be the ones I show up to. But I still have my eye on Trans Iowa and a few other out of state races.

Our team is also in full “get sponsor” mode. I know a few from last year have recommited, so that is cool. But we have some pretty hefty goals as far as money that we want to raise, and things we want to do with that money for “06. So the next couple of months we need to get that all worked out.

Anyway, this is shaping up to be quite a random post. I have a few more Moab pictures that I want to get posted, so look for those over the next day or two. I will also start putting together the first couple of months (Nov/Dec) of the 2006 training plan as well as the Mad Dog “trainer in the basement” rides for this winter. Hopefully those can be a fun way to keep the legs turning when it gets dark at 5PM and is 30 degrees outside.

Speaking of 2006, make sure and visit Ride 424 for a rapidly increasing 2006 calendar. Karl does a great job at keeping it accurate and updated.

Allright, I gotta head out. My brother just got back from 2 years in Spain, so I am going to go spend some time with him. I have devious plans of getting him on a bike for next season. I think he could be a very good racer as early as next summer.


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