Almost Ready to Rock

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I am just about good to go. The playlist is set. I have music on there from Beck, to the Chemical Brothers, to Phish, to Led Zeppelin and a ton of stuff in between. Over 200 songs. All designed to keep me going at night. I’ve ridden with music before, but never raced with it. I am excited to see if it helps keep me focused on the task at hand. And what is that task? To ride the best race I can ride. I have goals that I have set for this weekend. Some are more general than others, but they all lead to me racing within myself and within my abilities. They also lead to me exploring the limits of what those abilities really are. It is pretty easy in a 24 Hour race (or any race) to fall into a trap of self-suffering satisfaction. Meaning, you allow yourself to just plod along and play the martyr. “Look at that guy, he’s riding solo he must be sooo tired” is what you imagine every passing rider to be thinking. And the thought of them thinking that furthers the self-pity sorrow fest as you struggle along in dark delerium.

Well. Screw that! 24 Hour races are still races! And this weekend I am going to do everything in my power to be a competitor in this race. I know there are guys in this event with a lot more experience, speed, and sponsor support. There are guys in this race that last year lapped me 5 times. But last year I was caught in that ‘self-loathing and loving it” trap. I can’t let that happen this year. It won’t happen.

I have set sights on where I think I can finish in this race. I think that what I have aimed for is very doable. I won’t be disapointed if I don’t reach that mark if I ride the race I set out to do. If I do my best and finish mid pack, then so be it. If I lolly-gag and finish mid-pack, well…let’s not talk about lolly-gagging. Last year I did 11 laps. Not bad, but in examining the numbers, it should have been better.

Anyway, I am feeling good about this race. I am feeling good about where I am mentally and physically. My sister is coming down to be my support chief. She has been there for every solo 24 I have done. She does a great job of keeping me focused and moving forward. Thanks in advance Jenna for all your great work!

I will post again with weather conditions and links to real time scoring later tonight. I am planning on a course pre-ride on Friday. I will take the camera with me and snap a lot of photos of the course. There is a possibility of a Friday evening post from the venue (wireless web in the desert is SWEET!) with said pics of the course and other goings on. Then it is go time.

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