2005 Season Recap

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The 2005 season has come and gone. Overall it was a good racing season, and a fun time on the bike. It started slowly for me, but eventually I was able to get into decent form and spend a lot of time riding in some fun events. The season started slowly for me for a […]

Lance Can’t get a Break

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The Tour de France director just keeps taking shots at Lance Armstrong. I don’t understand why. Lance put the Tour on the map in the United States. When something is popular in the states it is going to generate a lot of revenue. There is no denying that Lance ‘s influence has made the tour […]

Moab Photos

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As irony would have it, this would be the first spot I puked at during the raceMy sister Jenna navigates a particualr technical sectionThis is the Mad Dog Cyclces camp. The local Saturn dealer comes down and sets up this tent for us. It is amazing. They have come down the last 3 years and […]

More Random Thoughts

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Sorry for the lack of updates. Not much has been happening though. I got back out on the road bike yesterday for an easy spin. It felt great to be back in the saddle. My legs seemed to be saying “thank you thank you!”. I wil be starting to hit the gym soon. I want […]

Coming Back to Life

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I am starting to resemble my normal self again. The swelling in my legs has gone down, the soreness in my muscles is leaving, and I am not constantly hungry. I have been thinking a lot about the race, and am seeing more and more good things that I was able to pull off. Something […]

24 Hours of Moab Recap

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I stood quietly at the back of the 500 rider start line and took a deep breath. The 2005 24 Hours of Moab was just moments away. The anticipation was thick in the air. People‚Äôs faces reflected their emotions. Some had wide smiles stretched across their already sandy faces. Others looked focused, their eyes looking […]

A lot of "what ifs"….

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…are going through my head right now. Mainly, what would have happened if I hadn’t had my stomach rebel on me in a most violent manner. Everything was going to plan for the first 9 hours. Then at 9:30 while I was out on lap number 6 the puking started. It got ugly after that. […]

Moab Info

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