Take care of the legs…

Posted by on Sep 24, 2005 in Uncategorized | No Comments

…and they will take care of you. Recovery plays an important part of your training season. It seems to be especially important during this period, as the season starts to come to a close. Jeff Kerkove talked about it on his blog yesterday. I found a great article at Ride424.com about recovery, specifically, helping your legs recover. The author mentions massage, ice baths, elevation and a few other tips. I love icing my legs after a hard day. I love the ice baths as well, although they can be a shock to the system. Like Jeff Kerkove said, train hard, rest even harder. We improve when our bodies have a chance to rebuild after we have torn them up.

In other not so related stuff, Guitar Ted has posted some good info about 29 inch wheeled bikes. Guitar Ted always has good points and nice insights into the world of Big Wheels. Hey, I don’t understand all the physics behind them, but I do know that they roll fast. And fast is good.

Allright, I’m out. I’m going to go ice the legs down, and then get some zzz’s. Going to hit the trails bright and early tomorrow.

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