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That is how I have felt the last few days. My legs feel like they are filled with some sort of heavy paste. I have been worthless at work also. But I can’t wait to get back on the bike. I think the starving coyote diet is over. I don’t feel so hungry, and hungry for crap food, as I did the day or two after the race. I think I am ready to get back into my normal routine of eating and riding. The riding will start slowly tomorrow I think. I had hoped to do the Tour de Suds on Saturday, but I don’t think that is going to happen. Moab is a little over a month away. I would really like to get a XC race in between now and then. The only one in the area is 4 hours away in Lava Hot Springs, ID. It is a great event. Not sure if I will be able to get up there though. In the meantime I will focus on recovery.

The fall is arriving in full force here now. Which means of course that all the trails are in prime condition. The weather is perfect, and the mountain views are amazing. It also means colder nights. As I found out last weekened. But it is my favorite time of year to be living in the rockies. And I think that in the next week or so I will take the advice of former Utahn, and ultra-blogger, the Fat Cyclist and go ride the Ridge Trail and the surrounding area a few more times before the snow flies.

I think that is all for now. I should go to bed.

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