Slow Ride

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I went and spun eeeaaassssyyyy today. Just 25 mintues. A dude with tight black jeans and a big long wallet chain passed me on his BMX bike. Yep. I was going that slow. I resisted the urge to blow by him at 30 mph. Tonight I am going over my gear checklist, and topping off batteries. Tomorrow I am headed up to the race venue to register, stake out some prime pit area and do an easy lap on the course. I know I am going to be restless at work tomorrow. I always am the Friday before a big race. Maybe I will get to sneak away a bit early. Right now I just want to be on my bike dropping the hammer lap after lap. Hopefully 12 or 16 hours into the race I still feel that way.

Remind me to go pick up a few Panda Licorice Bars tomorrow. These things go down easy and provide a nice kick. Plus they are easy to grab out of a jersey pocket and rip into to.

I noticed that the 24 Hours of Soldier Hollow website has posted a “mountain lion safety handout” since our running into one a couple weeks back on a pre-ride. Kind of funny. I hope I never see another cougar again on my bike though.

Look for some pics of the course tomorrow night.

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