Not Much Today

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Rained today. Looks like we are getting what Iowa had. I wonder if Jeff Kerkove brought it out here with him. He is in Vegas for Interbike. Speaking of…it sounds like a lot of new 29ers are showing thier faces at the dirt demo. Turner has announced a new 29 inch bike which is something I think a lot of people have been wishing for. Niner, a leading custom 29er builder, has also revealed a new model for 2006. Pictures from the show are starting to creep up around the web.

With the rain today I took the time to clean the bikes. It looks like I will be needing a new middle chain ring on the X-Cal. Chain suck has been bad the last week or so. I think the new chain and the older crankset are having trouble getting along. I think I need to attend Guitar Ted’s drivetrain maintenance class.

All in all a pretty low key day. Planning some road bike hill repeats for tomorrow. Those should be fun. Time for some ZZZ’s.

Oh, one more thing. This might be old news to you guys who have been following the 29er movement, but came across this great article about the differences between 29ers, and 26ers by bicycle legend Lennard Zinn.

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