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UPS didnt deliver until late afternoon. Which means that right now my bike is half put together in the shop. Which means I will have it tomorrow. Does mowing the lawn count as hill repeats?

I didnt think I’d be able to get out for a ride today, but then I decicded to borrow my sisters Sugar 3. It is the same size as the bikes I ride, and in fact this same model of Sugar was the first full-suspension bike I ever owned. So Keith and Carson and I did a night lap at the Provo Canyon race course.

The obligatory up the nose self portrait.

Keith doesn’t look to happy about being photographed

I did catch a glimpse of the X-Cal while it was till in the box. The frame color looks amazing. I can’t wait to see it in the sunlight, in all it’s glory. I will take some photos tomorrow before I hit the trails with it.

Good Luck! to everyone racing this weekend. I can’t wait to line it up next week. I’m tired of training rides, I’m ready to hammer it out for 24 hours!

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