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Went out today on a very similar ride as the one I did yesterday. Legs are feeling almost back to normal. That is a good thing. I need to sell my Fuel EX 9. I will probably be putting it up on eBay this week. Let me know if you are interested.

I added a new link, check out the site of Endurance racer and coach Karl Etzel, founder of It is a great resource for training and nutrition articles and also race results and schedules. Karl also offers a series of coaching options.

Another great site to check out is Bike Blogs. It is a list of cycling blogs from fast pros to average joes. A nice place to read up on what other riders are up to across the country.

Random question. Would I be a complete n00b if I showed up to a cross race with skinny tires on my mountian bike? I am thinking of doing a couple of these this year, but don’t even know where to start…

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