Labor Day Ride

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I went out for a great ride this morning on the Blackhawk Trail. Despite having to dodge a lot of horse and cow poop, the trail was in great condition. As always the views of the Wasatch mountains were amazing. I had the camera with me, but the batteries died when I tried to snap a photo of us in the car on the way up.

My legs felt really good today. I didn’t push them to hard, just wanted to get a good spin. This week will be all about keeping them happy. I plan to get a few light spins, and one hard short effort in this week, and then Saturday it’s time to line it up once again for an all day and all night suffer-fest. I can’t wait!

Big congrats to Jeff Kerkove, Carlos the Jackal, The Soiled Chamois and to Solo Goat for thier solid rides at various 24 Hour events around the country.

I am really stoked to race this weekend. It has been waaaaaay to long since I lined it up. Good news is that I will be racing a few events between now and Moab. Aside from the 24 hour efforts I will be heading to Park City Sept. 17th for the always crazy fun uphill TT, the Tour de Suds. About as many guys in costumes as there are guys in regualr racing kits. I am also going to get an XC race in at the Lava Rama in Lava Hot Springs, ID. This is a quality event, that includes a free dip the hot springs after the race.

But for now the focus remains on Soldier Hollow.

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