It Burns!

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I just coudnt bring myself to ride the road bike. I am having to much fun on the mountain bike, plus the trails are all in great shape. So why not do intervals on the mountain bike? I went up to the Provo Canyon race course, where a few years ago we had a healthy weekly race series going on. Those were some of the first mountain bike races I did, and they are some of the most fun. Construction of a big giant water tank closed the area for a while and killed off the series. But the trails are now construction free and still very fun to ride. I warmed up for about 20 minutes, then did a few hot laps aroud the course. The laps are short. Tonights pace was under 9 minutes per lap. So they are great for interval workouts. Lots of short steep climbs, tight turns and fun downhill. It felt great opening it up. Max HR was 185, so right at my XC race pace. After the intervals I climbed up out of the single track course up to the dirt road that runs along the ridge, around the front side of the mountain and back home. A quality workout followed up with a steak burrito…mmmm.

I Saw a dude on a 4-wheeler with his wife and 2 kids on the back. Nice. I think it was official scope out the mountains day, because I saw another guy decked out in full camo with his spotting scope checking out the hillside. Tons of cars and trucks parked along side the normally off limits to motot vehicles road. I think they open it up for the deer hunting season, which gets underway very soon. Since it was “look for deer” day I thought I’d get in on the action. And to think, I didnt need a 4 wheeler or a spotting scope.

One is easy to see, but can you find the other one?

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