It Begins

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I had a nice and easy 45 minute spin this afternoon. Then I started sorting through my gear getting things organized for Saturday. I’ve been wanting to clean up my bike shelves all summer. As you can see I haven’t got around to it yet. But this week I will need to go through and get everything I need put together and ready to go. The list gets longer each time I think about it, but here is a start as far as gear goes:

Bike (duh!)
Shoes (extra pair)
Team Kits (2)
Arm and leg warmers
Team jacket
Rain jacket
Long riding pants
Fleece pullover
CO2 cartridges (3)
Wheelset (extra pair)
Chain lube
Gloves (cold weather pair)
Lights (bar mounted and helmet for backup)
Batteries and Charger for lights
Extension cord
Surge protector
Bug spray
Camp chair
Tubes (3)
Multi tool
water bottles (4)

Jeesh! I know there is more, and this doesnt even include the food. I will list that later. I am still working out the menu. I am also starting to come up with my game plan for the race. I don’t know who will be there, so I am just planning a general strategy that includes riding a motorcycle for the first 16 hours 😛

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