What is it…

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…about a road that stretches into the horizon, passes over rocks, sand, through trees and rivers. A road that climbs and descends, twists and turns. What is it about a road that goes on so far and so long that it lasts through the day, through the night and again into the day? And how […]

It Burns!

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I just coudnt bring myself to ride the road bike. I am having to much fun on the mountain bike, plus the trails are all in great shape. So why not do intervals on the mountain bike? I went up to the Provo Canyon race course, where a few years ago we had a healthy […]

Not Much Today

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Rained today. Looks like we are getting what Iowa had. I wonder if Jeff Kerkove brought it out here with him. He is in Vegas for Interbike. Speaking of…it sounds like a lot of new 29ers are showing thier faces at the dirt demo. Turner has announced a new 29 inch bike which is something […]

South Fork of Provo Canyon

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I went with Keith back up to the great trails in the South Fork of Provo Canyon this evening. The trail was in primo condition. We did one lower loop, and then one upper loop. The pace was brisk, but not to fast. I did open it up a couple times to get the blood […]

Camel Pass

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I rode up to toward the top of Camel Pass(named because from the valley there is a patch of trees that look like a camel) today for some excellent back country riding. Camel Pass is a dirt road that connects Provo and Hobble Creek canyons. I made it to the top, and then turned around […]

Take care of the legs…

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…and they will take care of you. Recovery plays an important part of your training season. It seems to be especially important during this period, as the season starts to come to a close. Jeff Kerkove talked about it on his blog yesterday. I found a great article at Ride424.com about recovery, specifically, helping your […]

New Design

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Well I redesigned the site. I think I am happy with it. Over the next few days I will see what tweaks I can make to it. See, I am fickle like this…I am always wanting to change things up a bit until I am pleased with them. I am afterall, a film editor by […]

New Template?

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I’ve been messing around with some different template designs for the site, and frankly I havn’t found anything that I am really liking. WordPress has some nice looks, such as this one (seems this link randomly chooses a template, the one I like is called “out there”) but I don’t know how to convert them […]

More Dirt

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Went out today on a very similar ride as the one I did yesterday. Legs are feeling almost back to normal. That is a good thing. I need to sell my Fuel EX 9. I will probably be putting it up on eBay this week. Let me know if you are interested. I added a […]

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