"Throw That Bike Away!"

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…so I was told by a woman at the scene of a crash today. As I was driving up to the trailhead I came upon a cyclist lying in the road, surrounded by other people. I was going to get out and help, but just then an ambulence arrived on the scene. I never did find out what happened, but nobody seemed overly concerned so I am assuming the rider was not horribly injured. Judging by the apparel of the other riders with the crashed (helmets worn incorrectly, cotton T-shirts, capri pants and fanny packs) I’d guess that the narrow canyon road that is infamous for pot holes and gravel patches got the best of them.

After the 30 minute delay behind the paramedics, I finally reached the trailhead. Unfortunatley, the delay meant I had less time to ride. But I still managed to have some fun on some of the best single track around. I rode the trails in the South Fork of Provo Canyon.

Don’t let this be you!

Gotta love single track!

…and more single track

and even more…this time through the meadow

You’d be right if you thought that the tall grass whips your legs as you ride by, leaving many many small welts…OUCH!

Pretty good ride today, but tomorrow should be an epic worth writing about. Stay Tuned.

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