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Sundays are always a nice quiet day to not worry about riding and racing. Slept in late today, and took a mid morning nap about an hour after I woke up! I have been thinking about the ride yesterday, it was one of those great routes that I can’t believe I had never done before. I think I want to try and do that route 2-3 more times before Moab in October. I suspect that the loop closes around October 1st anyway. Funny thing, we ran into only 1 other cyclist, a guy from California who was up here on Vacation. He had done the loop before, but none of us ever had. The only times I have been in that area was on camping trips or mountain bike rides.

This coming week should be a good one for riding. The plan is to take it easy for an hour or so tomorrow, then do a couple mountain rides, before doing an “all out blow myself up” ride up Sqaw Peak. I want to blow up early, then work on recovering quickly and blowing up again, rinse and repeat. The 4.3 mile climb should provide a nice setting for this sort of suffer fest. I figure this will be a great way to celebrate my 28th Birthday, which is on Wednesday. What better way to feel like I’m getting old than go hammer up a long steep climb?

Saturday is the Grand Finale of the Intermountain Cup. I will not be able to head to Evanston for the race, which really is a bummer. The awards party afterward is always a good time. But I have to be back in town by about noon, which just doesn’t work. So instead I will try and squeeze in the ULCER, a flat, easy, but well supported and fun century ride around Utah Lake. My plan is to push a “just fast enough to be uncomfortable for 4.5 hours” pace around the lake as I start to really focus now on being ready for The 24 Hours of Soldier Hollow.

Thats it for now. I’m off to bed.

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