Fun With a Bike and a Digital Camera

Posted by on Aug 6, 2005 in Uncategorized | No Comments

Went out and messed around with my camera while on the bike this afternoon. The result was a lot of blurry shots of the road and a few shots that I took of myself. I altered the top one a bit in iPhoto just for the heck of it. In the second shot you can see the wonderful abandoned steel mill that graces the west part of the town I live in. I guess its better just being ugly, than it being both ugly and pumping out black smoke 24/7.

Tomorrow should be a good ride. Heading out early with some of the Mad Dog guys to go up and over the Nebo Loop. Maybe if they are lucky I will bring my camera along. The loop is about a 30 mile climb, and reaches up over 10k feet in elevation. So it should be a burner.

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