Brian Head Epic Kicks my Butt

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The 2005 Briandhead Epic 100 : 1 Me : 0

I knew just a few minutes in to the race that I was not at 100%, but I was able to make pretty good time on the course over the first 75 miles. But then it started to happen. The cadence fell, the granny gear was used more often, the thought of food and drink made me ill…..yes, an epic bonk was on its way. By mile 80 I was full on losing it. I arrived at the final feed station at mile 86 having ridden for 8.5 hours, almost a full hour hour slower than I was last year. But the worst was yet to come.

As if something inside my body collapsed, I started the final 14 miles of the race with no ability to spin the cranks. I found myself on a very pleasant climb, you know one of those smooth wide dirt roads with the perfect grade, the perfect length, it was a climb that screams to be torn up like bad financial reports. But there I was in my granny gear turning a cadence of about 50 as my heart rate sat at 120.

When it was all over the final 16 miles would take me almost 4 hours.

It was the most epic bonk I’ve ever had. It was a complete mental and physical breakdown.

Now I sit here and think of all that should have been on Saturday. I should have been faster, I should have been able to pull out of the bonk, I should of…….doesnt matter now. No time to dwell on it, it’s time to start preparing for the 24 hours of Soldier Hollow.

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