Birthday Sqaw Peak Road TT

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Well, I didnt beat my personal best today, but I did turn in a good time up Sqaw Peak Road. I was only +1:30 off my best time, which I wasnt to disapointed with. I felt pretty good most of the climb. There were a couple moments where I had to kind of kick myself into gear, but for the most part I was able to maintian a good even cadence and really push my HR. I was 90-95% of my max the entire time, so it was a nice half hour of burn baby burn. It was a good way to celebrate turning 28…I mean who wouldnt want to put themselves through pain and torture for a birthday?

On the way down I took some photos of Sqaw Peak Road, which is one of the most popular climbs for roadies and mountain racers alike in this area.

This is about half way up the climb. Looking down you can see the road winding around 3 mountains, and looking up you get a nice view of Mt. Timpanogos.

One of the many switchbacks on the climb.

OK, the final 300-400 meters of this climb are torture. The grade goes beserk, becoming about 15%. First you climb this section….

…then you hit this section which tops off at the look-out parking lot. For me, it is a granny gear, stand up, huff and puff and blow yourself up pain fest to get up these last two sections.

When I reached the top four smoking teens were snickering at me…probably thought it was funny that I had on spandex and was breathing hard enough to wake them from a drunken stupor. But what do I care….Sqaw Peak hammer fests always feel good when they are over.

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  1. Jeff Kerkove
    August 14, 2005

    I did the NORBA national at Deer Valley like 5 years ago. We did a road ride on our mnt bike to top of one of the local mnts. It was crazy, the ski runs cross the road in the winter, and the grade of the road was insane!!! Wished I lived there.

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