2 Weeks to Soldier Hollow

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It’s two weeks until the 24 Hours of Soldier Hollow. This past week was a good one for training. I got the hours in that I set out to do. This upcoming week will be a one of testing. I will need to test my lights. I hope to get in at least 2 night rides with my NiteRider Blowtorch before the race rolls around. I will also be testing a couple new ideas I’ve had about food on the bike. I have a few items I want to incorporate into my in-race meals, so I will be seeing how my body reacts to those this week. I will also be testing, and tuning, and fine tuning my Gary Fisher X-Calibur once it arrives and is assembled.

As far as training goes…well it will be a semi-taper week. I will be doing some moderate efforts, most on the mountain bike, since I will need to get time in the new saddle. I plan on riding trails I know very well. Routes that I know how fast I ride when I hammer, and how fast I ride when I’m just riding to ride. It will be a week of maintaining the fitness I have now. (HA! assuming I have any)

Next week, the week of the race, will be a full taper. I will take it nice and easy as I spend each day gathering all the crap I will need for the race. My rides will consist of easy spins to keep the blood flowing. I will also use these spins to further adjust and tweak the new ride.

To everyone with races coming up in the next couple of weeks, good luck! Ride long, ride hard, ride fast!

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